Get ready, he’s coming (again). Call him Jesus, the Lord,

Get ready, he’s coming (again). Call him Jesus, the Lord, Allah, Buddha, the great architect of the universe or whatever. It is time to rejoyce and prepare an original song to welcome HIM back on earth.
During this 'celebration', we will explore the voicetechniques. The participants are required to come witha way to transform their voice (vocoder, loudspeaker,special microfone, filters...). All kind of instruments are welcome but we will look to an electronic/post rock sound.

The session is foreseen on may 29th. If you’re interested, please send a mail to outsider_blog@yahoo.fr

General Pattern

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I will be there Je ferai partie des participants, je pense que Bernard & Didier Nietsche aussi.

Ca se passe où ? Chez moi, à Bxl, ... ?

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